3 Tips on Making a Beautiful Photograph

1. Get CLOSE!
 CLOSER! When you are photographing someone or something, focus on your subject. Backgrounds can sometimes prove to be distracting! If you are uncomfortable getting that close to your subject, start further away, and work your way closer and closer. A trick for photographing kids is, to tell them to look into the lens, they may see something in there if they smile really big! ;)


2. Move Around!
When I am at a photo shoot, I have my subject in one place, while I am the one doing most of the moving. While studying photography at New Mexico State University, one of the most important things that I was taught by Photographer/Professor Bruce Berman was: You don’t take a photo; you MAKE it! Anyone can take a photo, only you can make it interesting!


3. Avoid Background Clutter!
There is definitely nothing more disappointing than a beautiful photo, that people cant focus on because of everything that’s going on in the background!

Make sure to Focus on your subject, move around to find the least amount of distractions and snap your photo!