What to Wear to your Photo Session

As a photographer, often times I get asked what to wear to the sessions, so i'm going to share some ideas for you. The first thing to remember is: Ditch the jeans and t-shirts --Dress up! wear somthing fancy, that looks good on you and you and makes  you feel amazing! 

Nothing is better than wearing confidence!





You'll want to wear something that's figure flattering, and that makes you smile. That new dress you bought but haven't worn yet, well -its the perfect time to break it out! For the men: A nice button up shirt, or a t-shirt and a blazer even is appealing!

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The important thing is to color coordinate but not be too “matchy-matchy” 



Here i wanted to show the difference of what an outfit can really do for a couple. While the plain black matching T-shirts are fine, they defintly do not compare to the photo on the left! If you're getting engagement photos taken, you want to be classy and elegant, choose your clothes wisely


While the KIng and Queen are fun shirts, you would definlty want to bring other outfits to change into for a more elegant photo.


You can always get outfit ideas, or color schemes from pinterest for ideas!



what should i wear for a photoshoot

Congrats! The tiny life you are creating inside of you should be celebrated!

You'll want to choose something that shows off your belly. 
flowing tops or maxi dresses, or even a tighter top that makes your bump POP,  are always a good choice. 

Coordinate colors with your partner, but not exactly matching, lighter colors for spring & summer, darker colors such as burgundy are great for winter

what should i wear for a photoshoot


outfits for photoshoot for family
family photoshoot
th (2).jpg
family photoshoot

Deciding on a color palette is the the key when it comes to family photos. The most difficult thing is figuring out what color everyone has!

 You'll want the same colors on every family member. Some families like to use sports apparel or matching shirts for a fun photo, but it's always a good idea to change into a different outfit that's casual.