How to prepare your kids for a photoshoot

If you have a photo shoot coming up that involves toddlers, you may be asking yourself how to prepare for the photoshoot. Here are a few tips that I as a mom, and photographer use!

If your children are old enough to understand, tell them about the photoshoot and set expectations . Let them know if they do a good job, they will get a treat or reward  afterward. 

Tell your photographer what your children like to talk about, and what gets them excited. When your children and genuininly excited, you’ll see a genuine smile. 


Practice at home & Bribe them with a treat:)

The key is to make it fun and exciting!  You can practice doing "photo shoots" at your home even dressing up. I would reccomend to practice a day or two before and possibly a few hours before your planned session.

Let your little one take photos of YOU-even if its just with your phone.  Smile, and show them how it’s done! 


 Always make sure your little ones are dressed appropriately for the weather. If your kiddos are freezing they won’t be able to smile. 


Make sure that that everyone is well fed and rested. Photo shoots take approximately 1 hour and they can be exhausting. If you need to bring snacks, be sure to do so, but nothing too messy.  

  Most importantly;Have fun! 


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