So, you've already booked your session, or may even have your photos already...Now what??! What good are the digital photos on your online gallery? (except for sharing on social media of course!) One of my main goals is to create beautiful images, that you can keep in your home and memories that are close to your heart!

The following are the different packages that I offer, keep in mind these prices are your session fee PLUS the products you choose. If you've already paid $175 for your session fee, and are coming back to order a package, you'll subtract the cost of your session fee from the listed prices. 

If you don't want to purchase a package from the list below, you can always just do the session, which will come with the online gallery. For session fee prices, check out the portfolio page or contact me with any further questions.


 5x5 Signaure Albums

5x5 Signaure Albums

Package 1


5 Images 

5x5 Signature Album


Package 2


15 Images (5x7)
Boxed Photos,
Signature Album 

 Boxed Photos 

Boxed Photos 


Package 3


25 Images (8x10)

Boxed Photos
Signature Album

Package 4 (Texas Sized)

The "Everything is Bigger in Texas" Package.

25 Images (11x14)

1 Boxed Prints
1 Signature Album

 You may also choose to do two sets of boxed prints or two albums

You may also choose to do two sets of boxed prints or two albums